The role of Swordmaster Tree and Defender Tree in New World

  • There are various skills in New World. Here is an introduction to how to use Swordmaster Tree and Defender Tree.

    Swordmaster Tree

    Swordmaster Tree is closely related to swords. It provides many swordsmanship skills in Whirling Blade, Reverse Stab and Leaping Strike, and these skills mainly focus on damage.

    Whirling Blade is a high-damage attack that can hit everything within two meters of you. Reverse Stab has the highest damage rate in the target attack in the Sword and Shield. Leaping Strike is a skill that quickly jumps and attacks fiercely.

    Whirling Blade can have a huge range and coverage for light attacks, and it is one of the best choices in the AOE that the sword has. Reverse Stab can provide powerful upgrades even when you only focus on the shield, so it is your best choice. Defender Tree will provide more Shield Rush, so that Leaping Strike will hardly be used.

    Leadership is the ultimate skill of the skill tree. It can increase the damage of you and all your allies by 10% during the gathering.

    Defender Tree

    Defender Tree mainly focuses on the shield side of Sword and Amazon New World Coins Shield. Three shield-dependent skills are used in Shield Bash, Shield Rush, and Defiant Stance.

    Shield Bash can also cancel the attack screen and can quickly hit with a shield. Shield Rush is a short-range charge that knocks the opponent back by hitting. One of the strongest defensive cooldowns in the game is Defiant Stance.

    All defense skills are more useful compared to Swordmaster Tree's skills. Shield Bash and Defiant Stance can be turned into taunting skills by using Carnelian Gem: Defiant Stance is an AOE taunt and hatred tool, and Shield Bash is a single skill. In terms of the highly enhanced value provided in the game, Defiant Stance is the best defensive cooldown. Compared with Leaping Strike, Shield Rush makes it more New World Coins practical to upgrade.

    Defensive Formation can reduce 30% of the damage suffered by friendly forces within 2M, which is its ultimate skill. Compared to PVP, this Ultimate is more useful in PVE.

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