FIFA 22's first Ones to Watch card was announced

  • The latest batch of Ones to Watch will not be too far behind when FIFA 22 arrives. However, some Ones to Watch has leaked online.

    Who has been determined?

    In a recent announcement by EA, Ones to Watch will continue to appear in FIFA 22. As of now, only one player from the first wave has been revealed.

    The player identified is David Alaba, who is a Real Madrid player and transferred from Bayern Munich.

    In the period before the game is released, in order to get more FIFA 22 Coins news, players should pay more attention.

    What are the leaked FIFA 22 Ones to Watch?

    Now this man from Real Madrid is being shown off, while other things are Buy FIFA 22 Coins circulating on the Internet at this time. Players learned about five new cards from fut.wo's Instagram posts. The identity information of the five cards is as follows:

        Jadon Sancho – Manchester United (89-rated)
        Memphis Depay – Barcelona (86-rated)
        Ibrahmia Konate – Liverpool (81-rated)
        Jack Grealish – Manchester City (84-rated)
        Achraf Hakimi – Paris Saint-Germain (85-rated)

    When did Ones to Watch start?

    Even if the specific time of the release has not been announced, in order to make OTW exist in the game as soon as possible, EA will usually be fast.

    It is expected that after FIFA 22 is released globally on October 1, OTW will be announced soon. In order to coincide with the release of the second team on October 6, they may be added to the game.

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