China Washed Cotton Fabric Suppliers Introduces The Processing


    There are many places where embossed fabrics are used in various clothing. Embossed fabrics are also used in some cotton clothes. Some people think that the cotton inside will not run out of cotton after embossing. In fact, this Not necessarily, most of the cotton clothing will still run out of cotton if it is improperly cleaned and used. Below, China Washed Cotton Fabric Suppliers introduces how to avoid the problem of cotton running:

    When we usually wash cotton clothes, it is best not to throw them into the washing machine easily, because it is easy to make the cotton wool inside the cotton clothes clump together. This phenomenon is what we call cotton running.

    So if our clothes run out of cotton, how should we recover? We can first turn the cotton over and put it inside out in a ventilated place to dry, and then pat the cotton inside the clothes with a hanger after the cotton is dried, so that it is Can be restored to its original state.

    When we usually wash cotton clothes, it is best to hand wash them in warm water, so that the clothes will not run out of cotton. At the same time, we can't wring it dry after washing the clothes, and then use our hands to gently pinch the moisture inside it.

    Through the above introduction,Pigment Printing Fabric Exporter hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.