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  •   Have you ever considered to make plastic tissue boxes in transparent material?

      Such as PET, PC, PS, Acrylic. They are transparent material, and the tissue boxes will be very upscale. But as these materials are hard plastic, so they have a high requirement for Bucket Mould Manufacturer steels.

      And due to the cost for PC, PS and Acrylic are high, while PET cost is much lower, in this case, PET material are popular in recent years, and PET tissue boxes are popular, so as PET tissue box mould.

      For PET products, as this material is hard and transparent, it needs high hardness mould steel which could have a very good mirror polishment.

      We suggest to choose H13, S136, NAK80 for PET tissue box mould, with these steels, the hardness could be HRC48-52, and mould guarantee life could be at least 1,000 K shots.

      Some customers may think their production quantity will be not so large, and they change PET tissue box design often. In this case, could also choose 718H steel to save your PET tissue box mould investment. We will make chrome plating or nitriding for mould cavity and core to increase the surface hardness.

      We are an experienced plastic injection mould maker in China, we could offer you plastic product design, PET tissue box mould design and mould manufacturing, plastic injection molding machine and auxiliary machines. We offer you one-stop services and turn-key solutions for your new production line. If you don’t have plastic injection molding machines, we also could offer you mass production services.

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