Interchangeable Crate Plastic Pail Mould Manufacturing

  •   Plastic Pail Mould, plastic basin molding, basin mass production. In our market, near 90% of the plastic basins are with cold runner system—big direct gate, when produced from the injection molding machine, need to cut the injection runner (waste material) by hand, it takes a lot of time and tabours.

      If apply with hot runner system, the basin moulds cost is higher than cold runner system, thus is not so economical.

      Have you ever thought to make your basin moulds with cold runner system but have the same function as hot runner system? Our company could help you design and manufacture your plastic basin moulds with cold runner-insulated gate. What is insulated gate : it is cold runner system, during mass production, the gate seems like hot runner, it does not have waste material. The injection gate mark on the bassins is smaller than cold runner direct gate mark, but a little big than hot runner gate mark.

      When you stop injection, should take out the plastic material on the mould injection gate at once. Thus, only needs a little work for several seconds, but could save hot runner cost and save labour cutting cost.

      Sometimes, in order to save moulds investment, we will design and make several parts in one family mould. But for big products, such as plastic crates, it’s not possible for making different crates in multi-cavity family moulds, so we design and manufacture plastic interchangeable crate moulds.

      Plastic interchangeable crate moulds, could be : different height interchangeable, handle interchangeable, perforated and non-perforated interchangeable, different perforated interchangeable, etc. Use the same crate mould base, only change sliders or core inserts or other parts of the crate mould, to have different design crates, this way could save a lot cost.

      For interchangeable plastic crates, the radius inside the crates or outside the crates, will influence the moulds interchange way. If the radius is inside the crates, when interchanging, needs to change the core inserts; if the radius is outside the crates, when interchanging, needs to change the sliders or cavity bottom insert. The latter is more easy than the former, and is more economical than former solution.

      Plastic interchangeable crate moulds, normally we apply with cold runner direct gate, 4 tips hot runner system, 5 tips hot runner system, 6 tips hot runner system. We design plastic interchangeable crate moulds with 3 ways ejection:

      1. mechanical ejection: the stripper plate ejected by machine ejector;

      2. during mould opening, the stripper plate is pulled by mould tie rods;

      3. stripper plate controlled by hydraulic cylinders.

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