What locker codes are available in NBA 2K22?

  • Using the locker code and NBA 2K22 MT is the easiest way for NBA 2K22 players to get rewards. Every time 2K Games releases a new locker code, the reward will be different. Some people can even build an entire team based on the Locker Code package, which means they can get some good returns by entering these codes.

    Free Agent 95 OVR Giannis Antetokounmpo

    To commemorate the opening night of the NBA, the new NBA 2K22 locker code has been removed. Players can immediately claim the Free Agent 95 OVR Giannis Antetokounmpo card. Giannis will play 5 games in the players’ MyTEAM lineup. How long they can keep free agent cards, but each time they appear in the lineup will count as a game.
    The code: ‘2KTV-OPENING-NIGHT’ is what you’ll enter to grab this card. Hurry and claim it as this will only be available for 13 hours.

    NBA 2K22 Primetime Pack Locker Code

    The prime time package is one of the best packages in the game, and it released a new package before the end of season 1 of NBA 2K22. There are four players available, 1 pink diamond, 1 diamond, 1 amethyst and 1 ruby. The locker codes give you the opportunity to Buy NBA 2K22 MT.
    The code:’NBA-PRIMETIME-PACKS-MyTEAM’ is what you’ll enter for a chance at an NBA Primetime Pack, Converse Shoe Pack, or a token.

    Super Pack Locker Code

    The Super Pack is a set that contains all the sets in NBA 2K22 Season 1. Including limited edition suits and signature series suits. Fortunately, this NBA 2K22 locker code guarantees you a pack from the set, so players will definitely get a pack!
    The code:’S1-CALL-TO-BALL-SUPER-PACK’ is what you’ll enter for the chance at a Colossal, Dunktober, Signature Series, Flash, or NBA 2K22 MT.

    Most locker codes are temporary and usually expire in just a week, but they can use some for a long time. If players want to maintain a strong lineup for a long time, they can also get a free and powerful guide from GameMS and buy NBA 2K22 MT at a lowest price there. Try it!

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