Michael Jordan Limited Edition Packs return to NBA 2K22 MyTeam

  • Michael Jordan is one of the latest NBA 2K22 MyTeam cards. In the past few days, NBA 2K has been releasing special time-limited packages. Game players can spend some NBA 2K22 MT to buy them in a specific window before they leave. Besides the gift packs, there are also some highly rated player cards, new agendas, and, of course, locker codes. Currently, the best of the NBA 2K22 MyTeam cards is the pink diamond card. MJ himself got a new 95 OVR Limited Edition card, which brings 95 offense and 92 defense to the virtual stadium.

    In addition, the game player can get his 92 hits, 92 free throws and 90 close shots, as well as 95 seconds of vertical, endurance and sprint. MJ achieved 92 speed, 92 acceleration and 90 defensive consistency in his best attributes. There are also 17 gold medals and 6 Hall of Fame badges in the card. With him launching the latest limited edition release package is Ben Wallace, Joel Embiid and Gilbert Arenas. Everyone owns pink diamonds. All four stars received an overall score of 95. Wallace’s defensive rating is as high as 99 points, including 95 points for helping defensive IQ, 95 points for blocking and 94 points for inside defense. He has 95 offensive and defensive rebounds, and Wallace has a shooting IQ of 98.

    It currently priced the luxury gift pack at 15,000 NBA 2K virtual currency or 21,000 MT five-card gift pack. A 10-piece deluxe box is 135,000 VC, and a 20-piece deluxe box is 300,000 VC. Cards are also sold at the NBA 2K22 auction house, but they can Buy NBA 2K MT, depending on who the players want to get.

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