A player has made an excellent argument

  • There are mods and developers who try to WOW Classic TBC Gold discourage aggressive or rude behavior on a varying basis. This has led to players refusing to accept such behaviour. They report bad eggs fast and the whole is fed back to itself.

    A player has made an excellent argument - even though I've been told that I don't read his material, FFXIV's storyline promotes the culture. Instead of telling a story in which two players from different factions are fighting the story is about forgiveness and unity when confronted with conflict. This is a game in which you could be hit by the dodgeball (Fire in the dodgeball). It is impossible to dodge the dodgeball. You'll be warned many times by the referee to go back to your starting zone before you are allowed to rejoin the battle. It's refreshing!

    I grew up on the WoW RP server, so it's not a surprise that the city was thriving. FFXIV is an entirely different type of role-playing. It's just a bunch of people enjoying themselves and cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold having fun. That's the thing that makes it unique.

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