Different Functions Of Disposable Bath Towel


    Are you aware that companies that provide portable toilets (often called porta-potties) now offer shower trailer rental services? I bet Mike Rowe will be a happy camper! These portable shower units can be towed and installed at remote sites and come in different configurations and sizes. related pictures

    So why would anyone rent a shower trailer? One reason is that when public toilets are limited or inaccessible, or when a large number of people are expected, they are a convenient and effective means for people to obtain cleanliness and maintain good hygiene. Portable showers can also help speed up recovery efforts and prevent the spread of diseases and pollutants. In fact, there are many other situations that require a shower trailer.

    Disaster relief
    Emergency Response
    Remote work location
    Oil and drilling
    military training
    Industrial blackout
    Dangerous goods
    Filming activity
    Although these portable toilets can solve the hygiene problem, the need to dry individuals with bath towels is now a problem. Implementing reusable linens is not a logical choice because it requires inventory management and commercial laundering. For some industrial operations, the reuse of washed bath towels is not allowed because harmful by-products may be transferred or cross-contaminated. But what kind of wet wipes can dry the body after showering?

    Disposable Bath Towel is the perfect solution for shower trailers or remote work tasks
    Advances in manufacturing and technology have created high-end industrial disposable wiping solutions that perform and feel like reusable linens.

    Similar to standard white bath towels, disposable shower/bath towels are very popular in spas, health clubs, tanning salons, and oil/gas/mining operations. Workers usually take showers at the end of their shifts. Its large size is also very suitable for absorbing large amounts of spillage and wiping very large surfaces such as industrial machinery and equipment.

    Companies or individuals who care about cleaning surfaces also use these disposable bath towels to cover and protect fragile surfaces. Many car dealers, ship/RV showrooms, furniture stores, and car museums have found that placing disposable towels on cushions, chairs, mattresses, etc. is a powerful and economical solution to protect the surface May be contaminated and potentially damaged by consumers.

    Effective and reasonably priced disposable towels can also be used to dry animals and are becoming more and more popular with pet groomers due to their water absorption, simplicity and speed.


    Disposable bath towels are designed for personal care purposes and use 50% recycled fiber. They are very strong and very absorbent when wet. They are multi-folded, measuring 19" x 39", and have different absorption levels to choose from:

    The most economical towel for light wiping applications+
    The most absorbent towel, suitable for light to medium wiping applications+
    The strongest towel for light to medium wiping applications+
    Disposable sports towel+ is the simplest, most effective and most affordable way to ensure surface hygiene. They have 3D Microban® antibacterial protection. Unlike cotton, paper and standard non-woven towels, these towels can be combined with disinfectants and prevent the solution from reaching the surface. Sports towels are designed to release the required ppm disinfectant to comply with FDA food The regulations effectively clean your surface. Chix® SC leisure sports towels are compatible with quaternary, chlorine and hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants. This towel is soft, absorbent and strong, with a lightweight, open weave structure, high water absorption, abrasion resistance, durable, and can be washed and reused for 5-7 days. The 14" x 24" makes them ideal for personal or equipment wiping.

    Put some in your gear bag, locker, tool box, glove box or cab to absorb oil, grease, mud, water, etc., until you can wash or shower. Absorbent, soft and spacious disposable bath towels can save laundry-related costs and can be easily discarded in the trash can.

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