24 Hour Translation Services| Reliable and Accurate

  • There are lots of documents in all types of businesses and for the brand or company to reach different countries they need a document translation service. All the documents have to be accurately translated without any errors. Therefore, brands always prefer a professional translation company where all the translations are entirely done by humans and not machines. Machine translation may be cheaper compared to human translation, but, when it comes to results the completed translations by machines will have errors in them and it won't be accurate. Machine translations will be good only where there are few sentences. Whereas, for lengthy documents it won't be accurate as it will not be able to choose the correct words when the same word has multiple meanings in it. This is where humans are effective as they will be able to choose the appropriate words and will be able to translate the same as the native speakers.

    24 Hour Translation Services

    With some companies offering online 24 hour translation services it is very effective for businesses as they can submit their documents at any time and get their work done by professionals who are translation experts. Translation companies have different packages with attractive price plans and businesses can choose the plans that they need.

    Translations services have rush and super rush services where the translation would be completed in a single day. These rush and super rush services are useful for those who are in a hurry and need the document translated immediately on the same day. When businesses choose this service they are guaranteed the completion of the translation accurately in a given single day.

    Certified 24 Hour Translation Services

    Certified translations are required by courts, government agencies, insurance companies, etc. They ask for a certificate for the translations done as a proof that the translated document is the same as the original without any errors. In this, the translation company provides a certificate containing the date, stamp, name of the translator and seal of the company claiming that the translations done are accurate. Most people may not know about certified translations and they come to know about it when they immigrate to foreign countries like the US where they have to submit documents. Certified translations are being used for visa applications, driving license, passports, patent filing, criminal record checks, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, medical records, etc.

    24 Hour Document Translation Services

    To make your brand successful in foreign markets you must have good communication with your customers. Only if you communicate in the native language of the customers your brand will be able to survive in international markets or you will be forced to exit. This is why 24 hour document translation by Quick Transcription Service are provided round the clock that will help your businesses to do well in foreign markets. Whether it is a new product launch or a social media campaign, with the best language services, and all the tools and technology, we will provide a way for your brand to move forward globally.


    Quick Transcription Service is a professional translation company that offers online 24 hour translation services and certified translations in different languages like Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. 

     Therefore, whether it is a legal industry, medical industry, academic industry, cosmetic industry or entertainment industry, Quick Transcription Service offers its services for all fields and has trained experts for successful translation of documents. All the transcriptions and translations are fully done by humans to provide the highest quality.