Player Cards for NBA 2K21's TIP-OFF Card Package are introduced

  • TIP-OFF is the name of the first card pack available in NBA 2K21's MyTeam mode. Players can open the current card packs for players such as Larry Bird and Olajuwon, who are currently having a good season. Please see the buy NBA 2K22 MT link provided below. With the introduction of the NBA 2K21 TIP-OFF card package player card, we hope to be able to provide some assistance to all players.

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    Olajuwon was the most prominent player on the Western Conference's roster. Bibby, Szebiak, Peja, and other players have tasks to complete that can be checked throughout the season. The reward for completing the lock card challenge is 25 VC.
    Larry Bird was in charge of the Eastern Conference roster, which included players like Lewis, Teague, Gasol, and others who had tasks to complete that could be checked throughout the season. The lock card reward is also worth 25 VC.


    Player Cards for NBA 2K21's TIP-OFF Card Package are introduced.

    Derek Rose's amethyst pendant
    Derek Rose's time with the Bulls is now available. This purple card has a total score of 3175 points. Among them, 93 three-speed dunks and 90 unexpected dunks stand out as standouts. The ball has also been given a rating of over 86. The 70 power is not insignificant for a small guard. When you consider that this year's emphasis is on breakthroughs and dunks, I believe that this Purple Rose will still be good. Despite the fact that only 73 three-pointers were made, it doesn't matter until the 2K corrects the shooting percentage.
    Additionally, this purple card has a purple first step master badge, which will further enhance Rose's breakthrough ability. I still think this card performs admirably when I look at its online performance.

    Rick Schmitz is a well-known figure in the world of golf.
    Schmitz, a powerful center who will be extremely useful in 2K20, is back in the lineup. His height is 7 feet 4 inches 2K22 MT (2 meters 23 inches), which is also very appropriate for the current pace of the game. As long as he squats in the interior, he will be finished. It doesn't matter what the characteristics are.

    Diamond-Larry Bird Diamond
    Larry Bird is the driving force behind this Eastern Card package. He is a three-point shooter (90 three-pointers) and a defensive player (88 lateral movements + 90 pass interceptions), and his hot zone is also ideal from an attribute standpoint.(As shown below) However, both athletic ability and finishing ability are at a low level.
    As far as awards are concerned, Larry Bird has 19 gold awards and two purple awards. There are numerous shooting badges available, including purple catcher, purple sharpshooter, golden hot spot hunter, golden long-range turret, and others, as well as 90 three-point attributes; let's see if Larry Bird can salvage this year's dismal shooting percentage.
    Remember that you can upgrade the badge on your own in 2K21, so don't forget that!

    Diamond is a precious stone. Olajuwon is the king of the cards in the western hemisphere. This card has a total score of 3241, of which only 50 are three-pointers, but that does not matter. The inside scoring attributes are 94 backs + 88 hooks + 88 backward, but the 75 deduction is slightly lower. Physically, 70 two-speed is already a high-speed center, but 88 strength and 90 are both mediocre. On the defensive end, the protection frame is relatively stable with 92 blocks plus 98 shooting interference plus 92 rebounds.


    In terms of badges, 18 gold badges, two purple badges, and two purple badges are necessary dream steps for the frame protection elite and buy NBA 2K22 MT. In other words, although I was accustomed to seeing the 99 Galaxy GOAT before, the initial attributes of MT are more closely aligned with the characteristics of the players themselves.

    Ruby-Zach Randolph is a member of the Ruby-Zach Randolph dance group.
    Randolph's red card is present, but he rarely travels outside the country in 2K20. The inside attack of this card is comparable to that of Diamond Olajuwon (88 back + 91 hooks + 92 backward + 80 stand buckles), and the strength is as high as 96 points, making it a powerful siege hammer. However, the disadvantages are poor defense, a short height of 2 meters 06 inches, and only eight gold medals.