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  • Although these builds are not definitive, you can deviate from them to create a player who is better suited to your needs. However, I found these builds to be perfectly aligned with my own play style at each position.


    Now that nba 2k22 myteam mt has finally arrived on the Xbox One X/PS5 system, we can once again use the MyPlayer Builder creative suite to help us create the next generation of NBA superstars. Already, we've gone over the fundamentals of the NBA 2K22 MyPlayer builder in addition to creating a superstar team of the best builds, so it's time to create one of the all-time greatest basketball players in history. In NBA 2K22, let's create a Kobe Bryant build.

    Developing this build took a significant amount of time, as I struggled to strike the right balance between Kobe's wingspan, his stature, and his weight - all of which have an impact on the maximum potential of specific attributes. This build's finishing and shooting abilities should be the primary focus, though we can sacrifice a few attribute points in either to gain some ground in the defense and rebounding attributes. Let us begin by taking a look at Kobe Bryant's bodybuilding skillset.
    6' 8" in height
    220 lbs. in weight
    A large wingspan of 7'2′′ is planned for this project. Even though I was consistently landing on the right kind of player build, I was never able to replicate Kobe Bryant's trademark shades of blue and white. Apparently, this is the sweet spot for wing span.
    As we all know, Kobe is a combination of shot creator, slasher, and playmaker, but we would like to see him focus on Shooting and Finishing badges, as well as a strong balance of Defense and Rebounding. Thus, the following breakdown of attribute point distribution will be obtained :

    The build at the SG position with the respective wingspan actually makes it fairly simple to balance the distribution of points, so we don't get stymied into making unnecessarily large or small changes to attributes in order to give more importance to another attribute. Continue reading for a more thorough explanation. Selecting "Finishing Moves" and "Limitless Range" for our Takeovers is important. This results in a player who can be compared to Kobe Bryant, Paul George, and Zach LeVine, who is known as a "Slashing Shot Creator."The My Player Suite in Switch 2K22 MT is one of the most challenging and refined in more than a decade, if not the most challenging and refined ever. The ability to create truly monstrous beasts, ready for NBA stardom, is provided, but it is not without its own set of difficulties.

    There is a fashion quest in NBA 2K22 called "Meet the Designers" that requires you to purchase clothing from a specific designer, but there is no explanation as to how this works. There are several issues with the game, the most significant of which is that they are not very good at advising you on which outfit to purchase for the NBA 2K22 fashion quest. Even if you are successful in figuring out what you need to do, you may still be unable to comprehend the rest of the quest.