Know Application Range Of Pvc Cabinet Board


    1. Advertising industry-screen printing, engraving, advertising signs, exhibition boards, sign boards.

    2. Furniture industry—you can use PVC cabinet board in bathroom furniture, various high-end furniture boards.

    3. Building decoration industry-building exterior wall panels, interior decoration panels, residential buildings, offices, public spaces, building compartments, commercial decorative frames, clean room panels, ceiling panels.

    4. Transportation industry-ships, airplanes, passenger cars, train cars, roofs, box cores, interior decoration panels.

    5. Industrial applications-chemical industry anti-corrosion engineering, thermoformed parts, cold storage boards, special cold insulation engineering, environmental protection boards.

    6. Other uses-formwork, sports equipment, breeding materials, seaside moisture-proof facilities, water-resistant materials, art materials, various lightweight partitions

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