Weight Loss Motivation: Have Fun YOUR Way

  • This may not be the coolest of the weight loss motivation quotes, but sure it’s true: when you’re bored you’re hungry.


    Fashion affects amusements too: some are “hot”, some are not. Did you go to see the latest chick flick or action movie last night? Great, you’re normal; do you like Serbian movies from the 70s? There’s definitely something wrong with you. Does it really matter? No, what really matters is to have fun your way, because Fitmc will help your weight loss motivation: the more you have fun, the less you will kill time snacking and nibbling.


    Summer often brings a working schedule of free-time activities with it: picnics and barbecues, week end breaks. They are all supposed to be relaxing, but they tend to become a commitment, like work. But what is “fun” anyway? Even a nigh out in the trendiest club in town can be as boring as hell, and at one point, the bag of crisps behind the bar is much more inviting than the alcohol-free cocktail we are sipping. Bye bye motivation for weight loss, I’m trying to have fun here…


    The best way to prevent this is to dedicate our spare time to things we really like, even if it’s something other people would find weird. Our interests, I mean our REAL interests don’t follow trends. Ask yourselves: what do I really find interesting, amusing, entertaining, relaxing? Do you want to boost your daily weight loss motivation? Bring a notebook with you, make a list: colors, sounds, tastes, little details. The goal here is to get in tune with good sensations, to sharpen your sense and to notice things you would normally ignore.


    For example, you like hiking, but your friends don’t, so you end up in the usual shopping center. You love artichokes, but nobody in you family likes them, so you never cook them. Giving up these things becomes natural, apparently not a big deal, even if in doing so we are actually undermining our uniqueness.


    This of course applies to food too. One of the Murphy’s Laws of weight loss motivation is that the food we really like will give us cancer or at least make us fat. As I said in my about page, I started to win my battle with weight loss when I changed attitude. I like to think that I have tons of weight loss motivation tips to give based on my personal experience, but perhaps the most enlightening that I had, was to find out that I could have the food I like (the one that “makes us fat,” whatever it means) AND lose weight. Because giving myself the freedom to follow what I really liked, meant I didn’t have to compensate with more and more food. This is the kind of stuff they won’t tell you in a quick weight loss center.


    Weight loss motivation is a tricky issue, I will write more about this in future posts, as of now I hope this one was useful.