The Feelings of Magazine Holder of Different Materials

  • Although the material does not affect the practicability of the magazine rack, the impression it brings to others can be said to be very different. It is recommended to screen it according to the overall style of the room.

    1. Warm wood products

    Wooden furniture has always been able to give people a warm impression, and it can almost be matched with different styles of decoration; some products will also increase the gloss by oiling. If you don’t know what material to choose, wooden products are easy to use. It is a good choice that is not easy to make mistakes.

    2. Fashionable steel products

    The metal color of the steel magazine rack can bring a neat and modern feel to the space. And with the different ways of surface coating, it can show a different look. For example, the products colored by electroplating have a smoother and shining fashion sense; while the styles painted through powder have irregular uneven surfaces, which can give people a feeling of classical handicrafts.

    3. Natural fiber products

    For example, fiber fabrics such as canvas can give people a purely natural and handmade impression and have a high degree of compatibility with wooden furniture, so they are often used in cafes and other spaces that can make people feel relaxed. And with the change of fiber material and stitch density, even strong tones can bring softness, and this variability is its charm.

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