Can you save space with Wood Hanger Hooks?


      Wood Hanger Hooks Material Selection

      Material options include wood, velvet, vinyl, plastic, and wires. Plastics and wires are lighter, can carry a scarf and a tie. The wood material is stronger and can withstand more weight. They don't sag due to the weight of the clothes, make sure they can be used for a long time. The pad helps ensure that they remain naturally in the jacket, and will not leave unnatural irregularities caused by the edges of the conventional hanger or hanger. Bamboo is very similar to wood, but it is lighter and more environmentally friendly.

      Can you save space with Wood Hanger Hooks?

      Different designs have additional features to help save the space of any closet. The attachment hook and other functions allow for a plurality of items. Open design allows the vertical or horizontal combination of a plurality of hangers, saving closet space.

      What additional features do Wood Hanger hooks have?

      Wood Hanger Hooks Material Selection Some are additional features, such as clips, allowing users to connect their waists from any skirt or trousers to the hanger without wrinkles. The shoulder strap port allows for suspended items with fine shoulder straps, such as dresses or underwear. Other features include adjustable hanging rods that help secure the clothes in place and the rotation function that allows the hanger 360-degree rotation.

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