The metal key box has six adjustable key guides

  •   The metal key box has six adjustable key guides, which can store 105 keys neatly and easily. The metal key box includes 1-50 numbered key hooks, which can be directly connected to the adjustable key rail. The innovative patented key drop box receives the stored keys and prevents them from falling on the stored keys while preventing hand fishing.

      Features and advantages of the metal key box

      The durable metal key box has an adjustable shelf and can store up to 105 sets of keys

      4-digit code lock with customizable input code and backup manual override key, up to 10,000 possible combinations

      The patented anti-fish collection box captures and separates the stored items from the stored keys

      Adjustable key rack enables customized storage solutions and keeps keys tidy and orderly

      Includes simple and clear instructions with installation hardware, log sheet, and 1-50 numbered key tags

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