Top 10 Tools To Generate A Unique Business Name

  • Starting a business is not an easy task. It requires a stable plan. Each step works as a building block to establish a business. Choosing a business name is also an essential task as it represents your brand. A business name is a concept that associates with you and your services or products. It needs to connect with the audience and, most importantly available .com domain. Web development agency in UK, recommend business name generator. Business name generator guides you to think and find the best business name. Read on the list to find out the best generators that provide creative company names.

    Best Tools To Business name Generator

    • Anadea Business Name Generator

    Anadae business name generator is a free software tool that helps to find a business name. Anadae for generating business, website or an app name. It is easy and fast to operate with many different functionalities. You need to enter keywords according to your business then it will provide you the list of names for your business.

    • Wordlab Business Name Generator

    Just like the name, it's a lab for generating business names. It offers 7.2 million potential business names. For further help, you can even signup for a free account to take help from the Wordlab community.

    • Business Name Generator (BNG)

    To operate this tool, you need to enter the word or words, and then it generates a list of business names. To avoid problems, it also guides you about the availability of a domain.

    • Dot-O-Mator Name Generator

    It is one of the easiest and fastest name-generating tools. It randomly offers you a list of possible business names for every field. You can select the best according to your business. And even you can check about the domain too.

    • NameMesh

    NameMesh is a business name generator tool that helps every firm to find creative and unique business names. Moreover, it generates names for websites and apps too. It provides you with a list of suggestions for keywords you enter.

    • Namesmith

    NameSmith offers creative and unique business names from keywords (up to 5). Namesmith has different features while generating name algorithms. 

    • NameStation

    NameStation is a unique tool to generate a business name. To operate namestation, enter the keywords, and it will avail you the list of synonyms and categorized wordlist. Then you can select the word and generate a business name based on your business. Moreover, namestation also has crowdsourced name contests in which communities offer you help in selecting business names.

    • Naming.Net

    Naming.Net is the best tool for generating a business name. It offers a list of 800 possible business names for a single search. It also allows specifying root words, Latin or Greek roots, letters, and syllables for variations.

    • NetSubstance.Com Brand Name Generator

    This a great name generation tool based on keywords. This tool randomly creates a business name according to potential keywords. It also allows for shifting keywords to create variation. Moreover, it also checks the availability of the domain. Then you can easily purchase the domain and build a website with the business name in the address.

    • Shopify Business Name Generator

    Shopify business name generator is the best software. Shopify’s business name generator helps you to search for a catchy and creative business name. It even checks the availability of the domain to avoid problems. 

    Key features:

    • Provide unique names to stand out in the market.
    • Its suggest names that are easy to pronounce and remember.
    • It suggests possible business ideas based on the brand's product or service.


    The online name generator on this list will guide you to find and select the best business name according to your business to create a creative business name.