Rsgoldfast - It sounds like a challenge

  • You seem to RuneScape gold be extremely attentive. Do you know if any new leads been discovered? You don't seem to know the details of Kennith however that's a fact. Who? He's a kid from Witchaven. Now, you'll describe what happened during Kennith’s Concerns. I'll call an investigation into the matter immediately. You're a Proselyte and the person closest to the case so I'll charge you. However, I have a different task. It is required to bring back a live sea slug.

    It sounds like a challenge. There is a chance to acquire another mind control animal that is aquatic. Uh, well if you find one, I'd suggest we take a look at it, even if they have nothing to have anything to do with this. To obtain the "other mind control creature", you will need to take the Pirate Pete to Braindeath Island and fish some snails, as well as a Karamthalu, just like in the quest. Callon will study the fish and Kennith will be given to you.

    To do this, you have to visit the fishing platform and locate the man in his bedroom. Find out how he acquired those powers during Kennith’s Concerns and he'll begin crying and whining like the child. Savant is able to utilize his Commorb to determine if he is normal. Return to Witchhaven and look over the population of yellow-skinned people. The slugs that are controlling them won't be receiving orders from Mother Mallum. This indicates that Kennith's Concerns was a ruse meant to distract the Temple Knights and allow the Mother Mallum to flee.

    Commander Callon who is back at the Temple Knight Base will inform you of a upcoming treaty renewal ceremony. The Temple Knights need to provide security should the Slugs try to control some important world leaders, but this would be obvious. Instead, you'll host the event and be responsible to monitor guests' bizarre behaviour.

    Since the Temple Knights aren't used to throwing big occasions, you'll have to bring some things such as fancy wine glasses, which can be made, a variety of sweetcorn dishes, six curries, and buy runescape 3 gold five caviars. Molten glass is a great material to make wine glasses.