Rsgoldfast - Summoning is another possibility for Rorgon

  • These are the more advanced versions and inferno cape osrs are much more dangerous. The path here divides. You will find Wyverns when you head South. Not the skeletal kind but regular Wyverns. They can resist all magical spells, with the exception of Ice spells. This area has an area of safety and a large number of Wyverns. It's also a multicombat zone with a lot of Wyverns, which makes it a great place to learn Ice Burst/Barrage.

    You can also head North towards the Adamant Dragons and find a single Brutal Blue Dragon. Don't bother him, and go to the far edge of the zone and you will be near two things An Adamant Door which isn't open, and the level 500 Rorgon, who is a Dragonkin.

    Fighting Rorgon. I can think of three strategies to defeat Rorgon. One of them is an ranging tank, and the third is melee tank. The third is having a tank to join you, acquiring Rorgon, then joining the fight with the method of your choice.

    Rorgon uses several attacks. He can also use melee attacks. He can also use Fire Wave and Smoke Barrage. He also wields the Dragon Crossbow which shoots Rune Bolts tipped with Dragonstone. Be prepared for the enchantment to explode upon you. And of course, Rorgon has a dragonbreath attack.

    Summoning is another possibility for Rorgon. While he won't summon BrutalBlue Dragons when the player is on his own however, he can summon five or more BrutalBlue dragons when a clan of members is present. It is contingent on the size of the clan. One of them may occasionally flash during battle. This causes the dragon's defense to increase and Rorgon to be invincible until they die. I would recommend that players of the clan focus on eliminating dragons entirely, as they are able to respawn and cheap RuneScape gold they can quickly end up dying if needed.