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  • Malegra 100 contains ingredients like sildenafil. These ingredients are usually found in other sexual-enhancing drugs. The active ingredient in the malegra 100 mg tablet is sildenafil which works well as an antioxidant and a natural nitric oxide blocker. It also has vigor, vitality, and virility properties. These ingredients can improve the blood flow towards the genital organs, giving a better and harder erection.

    Sildenafil is known to be beneficial for treating many diseases especially those in the cardiovascular system, heart, and arteries. However, you must not exceed the recommended dosage since this might result in adverse effects like nausea, diarrhea, and dizziness. To avoid these undesirable malegra effects, you should only take malegra 100 tablet during the recommended dose time and you need to take the malegra without delay if you want to have hard and firm erections.

    Malegra is really effective but there are some side effects that can be observed with the use of this medicine. There are instances wherein users reported having a stuffy nose and mouth. Although this is not a common problem, still the possibility of having a stuffy nose and mouth can be reduced by using malegra in conjunction with nasal steroid spray. Malegra may cause flushing of the face, which may be accompanied by the characteristic itching feeling. In severe cases, the medicine may cause serious damage to the blood vessels or could even cause a stroke.

    This is why you need to consult your doctor before taking malegra 100 mg. Your doctor would not allow you to use this medicine if you have an allergy to penicillin, amoxillins, ciprofloxacin, warfarin, or Valium. Before you take any kind of medicine, you should consult your doctor to avoid medical situations that you might be vulnerable to. If you miss your dosage, you should contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately and check whether there is a chance that malegra will interfere with your current medicine.

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