Heat is one of the fastest ways to shorten battery life


      Disadvantages of Sealed Gel Battery

      Price: Although the benefits of a Sealed Gel Battery are considerable, so is the price tag. Many people who wish to switch from wet batteries to Sealed Gel batteries think this is the biggest disadvantage.

      Charging Challenge: When charging the Sealed Gel Battery, you need to plan to give it extra time. The slow charging cycle of these batteries is common, but you can't just walk away. Because it is a gel and not a liquid, you need to remove it from the charger as soon as you are done. Leaving it open may cause voids in the electrolyte, which is irreversible damage.

      Thermal control: This is indeed a shortcoming of most batteries, and Sealed Gel Battery is no exception. Heat is one of the fastest ways to shorten battery life. By controlling the battery's exposure to heat, you can extend the life cycle and keep the battery running as new.

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