Sealed AGM Battery has the most reliable performance

  •   Pros and cons of Sealed AGM Battery


      These batteries are called maintenance-free batteries and do not require watering service. Due to the absence of free liquid and minimal gas, Sealed AGM Battery performs better than flooded batteries in applications that are difficult to maintain.


      Users should be careful when charging the battery because overcharging and undercharging will affect its life and performance. When the use of Sealed AGM Battery is limited to discharge not exceeding 50% of the battery capacity, their performance is the most reliable.

      Sealed AGM Battery often appears in off-grid power systems, including environmentally friendly renewable energy systems such as wind and solar. They are also very suitable for electric vehicle services and uninterruptible power supply systems, as well as robots and some all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles.

      Sealed Deep Cycle Battery is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.