Sealed AGM Battery and gel battery are naturally more stable


      Sealed AGM Battery overcharging will shorten battery life

      How to efficiently charge Sealed AGM Battery and Gel battery

      VRLA batteries, like Sealed AGM Battery and gel batteries, are designed to gradually and slowly absorb charge and discharge in the same way. This is why they are less commonly used in situations that require high starting current (ie starting a boat), and more frequently in deep cycles that require a stable and reliable power source (ie, powering an electric wheelchair).

      Overcharging of the Sealed AGM Battery will shorten the battery life. Many modern chargers allow you to choose whether to charge a Sealed AGM Battery or a fully charged battery. However, as mentioned above, if you are using VRLA batteries, be sure not to use old chargers specially formulated to meet the needs of wet batteries.

      How about the trickle charger?

      A trickle charger can be used to maintain battery power when storing the battery. If the battery is dormant for a long time and there is a high risk of over-discharge, the charger will charge it as needed.

      This is most common for flooded or wet batteries, which tend to have a higher discharge rate than new VRLA batteries. Our products have the lowest quiescent discharge rate in the industry, so the trickle charger is outdated.

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