Attentions of Extrusion Screw Barrel Are Introduced


    1. The Extrusion Screw Barrel should be made of alloy steel with wear resistance and small deformation when working in a high temperature environment. The working surface of the screw after finishing should be wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, the threaded part should be nitrided and hard chrome plated. The hardness is 700-800HV.

    2. When idling the test machine, pay attention that the screw can not be idling for a long time; when the test machine is debugged, the idling time should be greater than 3min.

    3. For the disassembly of the injection screw, the screw can generally be pushed out from the back or pulled out with a special tool.

    4. After the injection screw and its connected parts are cleaned up, check the working surface for scratches and friction damage surfaces. Minor scratches should be polished with fine emery cloth or oil stone.

    5. When the working surface of the injection screw is severely worn and the abrasion groove is deep, analyze and find the cause of the damage, eliminate the fault, avoid similar phenomena again, and then clean up the abrasion. If the screw and barrel are severely worn, the actual gap between the two parts should be tested first. If it exceeds the standard, the screw should be replaced at this time.

    6. When assembling screws, the joint surface with other parts should be coated with a layer of molybdenum disulfide heat-resistant grease to facilitate the next disassembly.

    7. For the screws that are not used temporarily, the surface should be cleaned and coated with protective oil, and then hung in a dry and ventilated place after wrapping.

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