How Extrusion Screw Barrel Is Used


    Extrusion Screw Barrel structure is suitable for: PVC wire and cable extrusion, PVC gusset extrusion, PVC profile extrusion, PVC pipe extrusion (calcium powder), PVC sheet extrusion, PVC sheet extrusion, PVC pelletizing extrusion , PVC blown film extrusion, etc.
    For PVC blown film extrusion: one is direct extrusion blow molding using powder material. The extruder screw used in this method has a large length to diameter ratio, a long screw metering section, a shallow groove, a large compression ratio, and a barrel blanking. The section is equipped with a triangular groove with a large number of deep and shallow grooves, and the unloading section is equipped with forced water cooling. The screw has a strong ability to grab materials, so that it has good plasticization and a certain head pressure to meet the needs of blown film; one is ordinary extrusion blown film The unit uses pellets to blow the film, but adds a pelletizing process.

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