How To Keep The Injection Molding Screw Barrel Well


    Daily maintenance of Injection Molding Screw Barrel

    1. How to clean the extruder barrel screw

    If the injection product is frequently replaced according to the plasticization temperature range of the material or residual material, and the oil volume in the barrel is large, in order to save raw materials and improve work efficiency, barrel cleaner can be used.

    The special cleaner is a rubber-like material that will not melt at high temperatures in the extruder barrel, but will soften in the screw groove. When the screw moves forward in the thread groove, the remaining material can be taken out to clean the inside of the barrel.


    2. Extruder barrel screw: accurately weigh the required wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy, and then heat it to melt

    The extruder barrel heated to the specified temperature is taken out of the furnace and quickly placed on the centrifugal casting machine to rotate at high speed. The molten corrosion-resistant alloy is quickly injected into the high-speed rotating cylinder body cavity, and the corrosion-resistant alloy is condensed and merged into the body wall by centrifugal force. Cool the wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant lens barrel cast by bimetal, and then grind the inner hole of the lens barrel.


    The screw of the extruder barrel is located in the worn part, and the bushing can be replaced. In addition, the extruder barrel is usually replaced with the entire bushing, so the maintenance cost is high and the cost performance is not high.


    Once the Single Screw Barrel wears out at a certain point, the melt will return to the thread, causing further wear of the screw and barrel. Severe abrasion can lead to a lot of waste of resin and reduce productivity. However, through regular PM testing, severe wear can be prevented, and the best maintenance strategy is to keep the screw/barrel clearance within a reasonable range.