Love doll is a carrier of desire weaving and emotion intertwini


    Does a real sex doll have a dark side that is not worthy of our sympathy? The objectification of dolls may lead people to believe that their significant other can be owned and manipulated, and exists purely for their happiness. But perhaps, the growing physical doll industry can be seen as further evidence that real people are no longer controlled by the other half's will.

    Autonomous men and women become more critical of their intimate partner. Many people are no longer subject to the economic shackles of marriage. Perhaps men are lagging behind in proactively becoming good partners, while women reject outdated assumptions. It is better for Wawa to accept the indifference of an old-minded man than to accept an unsuspecting horrible date.

    6YE doll

    There is no need to worry that Chinese sex dolls will become the standard by which people are objectified. Materialization is an important part of exploratory, fantasy and curiosity. If we are anxious about what others are exploring, then the problem is with ourselves, not with people who tend to be abnormal. Owning a real doll “is definitely a behavior that deviates from normal people,” said Sara Valvid, a researcher and mental health therapist. “Unless it is very serious and affects other areas of life, it really cannot be treated. Defined as an obstacle."

    There is a subtle distinction between abnormalities (deviations from known) and disorders (physical, psychological, or functional disorders). If a behavior violates the rights of others, then it becomes a problem, but if a disease requires treatment, then abnormal behavior can be tolerated. In the "Encyclopedia of Creativity", there is a tolerant interpretation of abnormal behavior. This interpretation can be applied to dolls: for social progress, the role of creative individuals and creative work needs to be accepted, and it must be tolerated, otherwise Will lose it, and thus lose the opportunity to strengthen creative work and social progress. Steven Spielberg’s mother once said that if she knew how to deal with her son’s weird behavior, then the art world would lose an important creative talent. She tolerates her son's behavior and encourages his creativity.

    Bezlya Love Doll

    Although in general, our attitude towards sexy anime sex dolls is for pleasure and nothing else, we are still a little addicted to emotional attachment, which seems to be of no benefit to society. Anyone can fall in love with a doll, which is "weird". But it is not surprising. Looking back at human history, we now usually perform a ritual that includes exchanging jewels and expecting that we will take responsibility for housing and keeping the rest of our partner's long-term life.

    There is a prejudice that people who live with love dolls are losing the richness and integrity that their relationships with others can provide. This is also the instinctive reaction of many people, but is non-human love necessarily a bad thing? If a politician figured out how to stop the spread of fascism, he needs a real doll to devote more energy to his work, then he is recommended to give him a lifetime supply! Not everyone needs to pursue an intimate relationship with another person, if love is not their priority.

    FIRE sex dolls

    Of course, we have to oppose the view that we can learn to be a more tender partner through mini sex dolls. Realdoll founder Matt McMullen said these dolls can teach people to be better people. "We hope to be able to simulate the goodwill in the interaction." He believes that this can be achieved through the increasingly complex programming of physical dolls. If you praise "he" or "she" and express emotions, the "love" of these AI dolls will increase.

    This is a good emotion, but it is not a substitute for interacting with a real person. Some people may verbally love a physical doll, and the doll will do the same to him, but the doll will never have an angry day and will never criticize people. An AI doll will always be a doll, not a person who forces you to act like an adult in the face of conflict or grief. It will not ask you to believe it because it will never annoy people.

    AXB sex dolls

    Those who like cheap sex dolls are worthy of admiration for their courage that does not shrink back. They can make this lifestyle unconventional, but what does it have to do with them? What does this show? Although society attaches great importance to the complexity of communicating with humans, this does not mean that we all need to do so. We challenge ourselves every day to look at the unfamiliar things and the things that may make people uneasy with an open mind.