The story of a Japanese uncle and 6 character dolls "falling in


       So, what kind of life does Nakajima live with a real doll?

       is actually just an ordinary life of cooking, walking, bathing, and sleeping, but the object is replaced by a life size love doll.

      Mr. Nakajima likes to go out with yarn, sometimes sitting quietly on the grass and emptying; sometimes pushing a wheelchair to go around the park; sometimes driving a car; sometimes relaxing in the sun in the yard.

       At home, Nakajima would let Saori sit at the dining table and watch her cooking. He described it as an extremely happy moment. The small sex doll can't eat, but he imagines that Saori likes to eat salmon and likes croquettes. Two people would chat like a couple at the table, about the weather, work, politics, current affairs. He also admitted that these things are somewhat imaginative, but the process is beautiful, and there is a sense of pleasure of vomiting.  


    Mr. Nakajima meticulously changes clothes and combs the real dolls every day. There are a lot of cosmetics at home, including wigs, hair clips, and curling irons. It is said that these items have already cost 1 million yen and will be sent back to the factory regularly. Maintenance, which makes the dolls look very delicate, not lost to real girls.

       Every cheap adult sex doll has its own style, Saori is casual style, Xiaohui is sexy style. In order to give the baby a better life, he leads a poor life, owning only a handful of clothes, and eating can be saved, and a meal costs no more than 20 yen. Nevertheless, he said that as long as the love doll is well-dressed, he thinks it is worth it.

       He also summarized the experience of real doll clothes. In addition to considering the appearance, he should also choose loose clothes as much as possible, so as not to damage the joints of the doll. Although it’s better to take off the doll’s head when putting on clothes, it may make the metal of the cervical spine rust, so he tries not to adopt such a dressing method. It takes half an hour to dress the doll every time. Tired and sweating profusely.

       When he was 64 years old, he finally turned his hobby of fat sex dolls into a career. With the help of the manufacturer, he opened a real-life love doll display agency. Although there are not many customers, it is still passable. In addition, he has a decent job helping foreign workers, which is barely enough to cope with life.  

       For Mr. Nakajima, work is just a means of earning a living. He said that as long as the doll is always there, life will be very fulfilling. The doll industry has also progressed with the times. The skin texture of the doll has been greatly improved, and the blood vessel texture has been flexibly restored. He hopes that the dolls can be equipped with AI chips in the future, can really talk to him, and give them more meaning in the world.

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       For the future life, he said that he will work hard to stay healthy. If one day he cannot continue to interact with the doll, it will be time to part. After parting, what about the doll? He said that he would entrust the doll to someone he trusted, and when he left, he hoped that Saori could follow him to another world.

       Unusual little people can always reflect the unknown places in a country or a culture. The story of Mr. Nakajima is probably like this. He is by no means an exception. There are many news related to male sex dolls, including people who are married and accompanied by their old age. As a private and common existence, dolls are often used as the subject of film and television.

       More famous is "The Air Doll" starring Pei Douna, which tells the story of the doll experiencing the joys and sorrows of the world after the doll comes alive. There is also "Romantic Doll" starring Yu Aoi, which tells the work of making a physical doll to make a doll exactly like his wife after losing his wife. It is a love story that is both literary and weird.

       It can be seen from the configuration of directors and actors that movies of this kind of theme are not secretly shot niche movies in Japan. They are a bold and avant-garde attempt, although the Japanese people's acceptance of such stories is very average.

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       "Through taking care of and dressing them up, finding something to do, and finding someone who needs you, I will think it makes sense to do these things," said an insider.

       For many baby friends, BBW sex doll is a kind of spiritual and emotional companionship. Mr. Nakajima said that he and his wife were married on a blind date, and they formed a family, but he had never even had a formal date. The various things that I had wanted to do with my wife were finally realized in the date with the dolls.

      Saori is as he described it: "Yang だまりのような existence", it is a sunny existence. From a moral point of view, he is not a worthy person. When he was young, he loved cheating and had no sense of responsibility for his family or work. But even such a person with full of shortcomings can still get uncompromising comfort from the doll. .

       can tolerate all kinds of people in the world equally, which is perhaps the biggest charm of these dolls.