Australian male looking for sex dolls to spend the rest of his


    "Daily Mail" once reported on an Australian man living with a life-size sex doll. His insight into this relationship is amazing.

       First, introduce the background. Adult love dolls have been around for a long time, and they seem to be commonplace in the more open European and American societies. However, some people think that this actually transcends the relationship between people and things, so that the existence of a real doll replaces the existence of a person.

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       These people are almost all middle-aged or older men. They have been stigmatized by the outside world, and have been labelled as "little people" or "losers" by social traditions. However, in recent years, many reports have shown that mini sex dolls are entering the public eye, because related manufacturing companies have been able to assemble dolls with a more realistic appearance, and the addition of AI technology is expected to bring them a more human-like feeling.

    This Australian man named Murray disclosed his relationship with cheap sex dolls to the media, from which we can see how real sex doll owners have become normal and how to get along with non-traditional partners naturally. Murray really likes his doll, he named it Noni.

       "No one loves her like I do," he said in an interview.

       "Whenever I get home, it is at home. Thank God, the house is not empty! It is not empty! It doesn't even make people feel very quiet," Murray explained. He sees the doll as a companion to accompany him through a rough life, just like many people have a girlfriend. "I spent more than a year learning how to handle and manage dolls, how to get along with dolls," Murray revealed.

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       This is not to say that BBW sex dolls are not good. Murray emphasized that getting along with a doll is actually not easier than getting along with a natural person. "This is an inexplicable emotional connection. At those moments, it has become a person just like a human being," Murray said, trying to find the right words to enrich his meaning.

    Murray admitted that although he is satisfied with the status quo, it is not entirely ideal to have someone who cannot give love. But he also believes that real things "are not always readily available." If a person has full choice, then a real person will be the best, but people do not always do this.

       In fact, Murray is a lonely person, and judging from his last sentence, he seems to be the first person to admit that he was not very successful with the opposite sex. In fact, he said in the interview that he has been divorced three times. Therefore, he decided to buy a doll to create his own romantic happiness in his own way.

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       He did not harm society in any way-in fact, he seemed to be a pretty good person on the show. So why should others judge him? Here is a piece of advice to society: stop discrimination against male sex dolls!

    Although it seems that it will not disappear in the short term. Many technology news reports say that as robotics and more advanced computing technologies allow them to "think" and act on their own, the overall relationship with physical dolls will grow exponentially.