Top Ten Tips for Dog Boarding

  • Lancelot and Sheba, my two Rottweilers, along with Tama and Cheetah my cats were the reason I looked into boarding pets and dog boarding. Can you imagine taking a 135 pound Rottweiler with a freaky Siamese to vacations even for a day or more?


    1- Make Your List And Check It Twice.

    Make a list of all the dog boarding facilities around, call them and make sure they are still in business. Last year's yellow pages may not be very reliable. Ask them if they have opening and if they have limitation on size. Some veterinarians accept boarding for cats and small dogs only.

    2- Ask For The Vaccination Requirements

    Dog boarding Sydney facilities should require proof of vaccination and if they don't you know that you should just hang up and move on. Clarify exactly what type of vaccination and what type of proof they require and make sure that you have it. Canine Kennel Cough (Bordetella) is one of the requirements.

    3- Who Supervises The Supervisors

    Ask for the credentials of the person in charge and how often he/she is around. A super doc who runs twenty boarding facilities cannot pay attention to any one so he/she must delegate. Find out about the qualification of the person who actually runs the facility.

    4- Visual Inspection

    Stop by and see if the facility looks and smells clean, has enough light and ventilation and if the temperature is comfortable.

    5- Talk To The Staff

    Do they give you a warm and fuzzy feeling and show knowledge and care for the pets?

    6- Running Wild

    Do dogs have enough room to move inside their kennel and some place to run outside? How often are they taken for a walk? I had to pay a little extra for them to take mine for a walk twice a day. Make sure that the outdoor area is protected from wind, rain, snow if dogs spend too much time there. This is easy in California where I live but I don't know about Toronto in winter.

    7- Comfy Cozy

    Make sure that your dog has a place to lie down besides the concrete. Sheba, my female Rottweiler would go crazy if she didn't have a little cushion between her and the hard floor. The funny thing is that she puts her back end on top of the cushion and rests her head on the hard floor. Go figure!


    8- Dog Food

    How often and what type of food are they given. Again my Rottweilers have sensitive stomach and other than a very specific brand of food, all other brands would cause them severe diarrhea. So I had to make sure that the dog boarding facility would allow me to take my food after I found out they didn't carry what my dogs needed.

    9- Services Provided

    Make sure they have the ability and access to veterinary services and check out the luxury items like grooming and bathing. I asked them not to bathe Sheba and Tama. They would both stress out. I may have been too particular but I rather to keep them calm than clean. A warm bath and personal touch worked better for me.


    10- Don't Forget The Rates

    Make sure that you understand exactly what is offered and what is optional and how much it will cost including checking out time that could cost you an extra day.

    I had a wonderful experience with the dog boarding facility I found. May you be as fortunate.

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