5 Early Signs Of Alzheimer’s & Infographic

  • Memory Care Therapy & Drug Treatment Slow Progression

    While there is currently no cure for the disease, Alzheimer’s treatment and memory care have been shown to greatly improve the quality of life for those suffering from the disease.

    At Valiente Senior Living, memory care Conroe specializes in memory care and dementia treatment. The infographic below could help determine if you or your loved one is displaying early signs of Alzheimer’s. For more information on our memory care facilities in Cuero and Magnolia, contact us today.r

    Analyzing Behavioral Changes

    Although analyzing a change in behavior may be difficult, it is important to identify any sudden behavioral changes that match early signs of Alzheimer’s. The behavioral changes that may indicate the warning signs of Alzheimer’s include:

    Five Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease Infographic

    Alzheimer’s is a difficult and complex disease affecting the memory. As the most common condition characterized by progressive memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease accounts for approximately 60% of memory care patients in the United States. Although memory problems naturally occur with aging, the type of memory function changes occurring with the disease is anything but normal. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that worsens over time, so early detection and treatment to prolong memory function is crucial to maintaining an acceptable quality of life and independence.