The Tatuapé neighborhood is one of the most traditional in the city of São Paulo. Located in the East Zone, it is an excellent choice for living and investing in real estate. The region has broad trade support and a complete infrastructure. For this reason, it has been one of the fastest growing neighborhoods and receives new residential developments.

    A curiosity is that, in Tupi-Guarani, Tatuapé means armadillo hole. To learn more about the neighborhood, follow the reading. In this text, we will tell you how he settled and all the benefits of living in him.

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    Discover the Tatuapé neighborhood

    The history of Tatuapé began around 1560, when Brás Cubas decided to use the region to plant grapes and raise cattle. Years later, Italian immigrants settled in the region, setting up workshops. Over time, they grew and became industries.

    In the 1960s, businesses started to appear to serve the growing population in the region. From the 70s onwards, factories started to give way to homes. Currently, the neighborhood has only two industries, the majority being a residential and commercial area.

    In recent years, despite having its total area reduced, it is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in São Paulo. The old townhouses and industries were replaced by high-end developments .

    It is possible to find some historic buildings around the neighborhood, such as Casa do Tatuapé. The modern and the old are mixed, in the constructions and shops of the region. The diversity of attractions is one of the reasons why the neighborhood is so sought after.

    See why live in this neighborhood

    Tatuapé is known as one of the best neighborhoods to live in . See what it offers and what makes it one of the most desirable in the East Zone.


    Tatuapé has a privileged location, being one of the most valued neighborhoods in the region. It is bounded by the streets Tuiuti and Santa Virgínia, avenues Salim Farah Maluf and Celso Garcia, besides the Marginal Tietê, with easy access to other areas of the city.


    For those who have children, living in a neighborhood with good schools is important, after all, it facilitates the family's transportation logistics. In Tatuapé, you will find great schools, from kindergarten to high school. In the region, there are bilingual establishments, denominational and with international partnerships.

    There are still good colleges, such as UNIP, Faculdade de Sumaré and others. In addition, there are still language courses. A complete region for those who value quality education.


    Another important point in a neighborhood is the facility to access hospitals and clinics, especially in times of emergencies. At Tatuapé, you will find pharmacies, specialized clinics and medical centers. Two highlights are Hospital São Luiz and Hospital e Maternidade Vitória.



    Another great attraction of the region are the leisure options. One of the strong points is the gastronomy. With a diverse selection of restaurants, cafes, bars and the like, you will find options for all tastes and budgets. Some of the most famous are Villa Roma, Tangerina Gastrô Bar, St. John's Pub and Marco Polo Gelateria & Caffé.

    In addition, the region has museums, thematic libraries, shopping malls, parks, squares and other leisure attractions, catering to all audiences. An example of this is the Hillarius Comedy, a reference humor club in the region.


    Within leisure, it is necessary to highlight the parks in the region. One of the most famous is the Parque Esportivo dos Trabalhadores, also known as CERET. With 268 thousand m², it houses sports courts, soccer field, gym, swimming pools, playgrounds, walking path and much more. It is a complete structure for sports and walking.

    Parque do Piqueri also draws attention. It is the largest natural green area in the East Zone. In it, you will find native species of flora and fauna, structure for sports and leisure, as well as cultural projects, such as Ponto da Leitura.

    Transport and urban mobility

    Transport is one of the points that influence the quality of life - after all, nobody wants to have difficulties to leave or return home. Public transport leaves little to be desired at this point. The neighborhood has several bus lines, Tatuapé and Carrão metro stations and train lines.

    One of the main avenues in the neighborhood is the Radial Leste, which connects the East Zone to the city center. The Marginal do Tietê and other major highways are nearby, facilitating access to the north and west areas of the capital. Both those who travel with their own car and those who use public transport are well served in Tatuapé.


    Casa do Tatuapé is part of the Museum of the City of São Paulo, a differentiated initiative, formed by a network of historic houses. It is a construction in rammed earth and is differentiated by the gable roof.

    The house is owned by the Municipality of São Paulo and has undergone renovations and restorations in order to preserve the structure and maintain the original features of the construction. It houses socio-cultural activities and is open to the public for visitation. Admission is free.

    In the region, you can still find two thematic libraries: Biblioteca Hans Christian Andersen and Biblioteca Cassiano Ricardo. The first is specialized in fairy tales, with a collection of books on children's literature, in addition to DVDs of films for children.

    The Cassiano Ricardo library is specialized in music, with a sound and printed collection of sounds and languages. It also offers concerts, workshops, lectures and storytelling.

    Now, you already know a little more about the history of the neighborhood and the advantages of living in it. With so many positive points that Tatuapé offers to its residents, it deserves the position among the best neighborhoods in São Paulo. It represents quality of life, tranquility, comfort and excitement, in a balanced mix. So it is an excellent real estate investment and place to live.