Certified Translation Services| When & Why

  • Needs Of Certified Translation Services

    Certified translation services are the ones that offer a certificate along with the translated document that is signed by the translator who performed the translation process. These certificates are not given for each and every translation and are only provided to the customers opting for certified translation services.

    This certificate states that the translation performed is complete and accurate. Certified translation is important for multiple types of documents and a lot of organizations demand certified translated documents for their work. Most of the important documents like legal documents, identity proofs, official ID cards, various types of certificates, and other critical papers go through certified translation services.

    Before searching for any uscis certified translation services online, one important tip that everybody has to follow is to know if the translation company has a team of certified translators or not? It is recommended to connect with the company customer support to get more information about its translators. This is vital because only certified translators are allowed to perform certified translation services.

    This certificate provided along with the translated documents contains a lot of information about the document and the translator or the translation agency. Some information present in the certificate includes:

    Date, Document Name, Number of Pages, Original Language, Target Language, Translator’s Name, Translator’s Address, Translator’s Contact Details (Phone Number and Email Address), Translation Agency’s/ Translator’s Seal and Signature.

    After knowing all the basic details, let’s move to understand that when such services are needed.

    International businesses need certified translation services for establishing their new plants/ units/ offices in a foreign nation, as all the legal documents need to be presented in the local language of the country to the respective authorities/ organizations.

    Individuals immigrating to a new country also required to submit all their documents in the native language of the nation. These documents are also accepted if the documents are certified translated from a professional translation agency or translator. It includes documents like visa, birth certificate, adoption certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, passport, and others.

    While applying to a foreign university for higher studies, the student will be asked to submit all his/ her educational certificates and other related and required documents in the country’s native language. Most of the universities demand certified translated documents only and these documents can be degree certificate, diploma certificate, transfer certificate, mark sheets, results cards, loan papers (if applicable), identity documents, etc.

    In the case where you are moving to a foreign land for job purposes, you will be asked to get all your related documents ready. A few of these uscis birth certificate translation services, educational certificates, identity documents, training certificates, etc. All these documents need to be submitted in the local language along with a certificate defining that the translation is correct and complete.

    For updating your official/ government records in a new country will also make you hire certified translation services as such processes also need your documents to be present in the native language.

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