There Are Many Types Of Copper Magnet Wire

  • The copper magnet wire is widely used in our daily life, but the most important application is in various motors, instruments, and meters.

    Derivatives/new products of wires and cables are mainly due to application requirements, different application requirements, equipment convenience and equipment cost reduction, etc. Instead, new materials, special materials or product structure changes, or process requirements are used. Or combine different products to produce.

    Use different materials, such as flame-retardant cables, low-smoke zero-halogen/low-smoke low-halogen cables, anti-termite, anti-mouse cables, oil/cold/high temperature resistant cables, etc.; change product structure, such as fire-resistant cables; improve process requirements, such as : Medical cables, etc.; easy to install and reduce equipment costs, for example: prefabricated branch cables, etc. Wires and cables are products that transmit electromagnetic energy, information and realize electromagnetic energy conversion.

    There are many types of electromagnetic wires. Nowadays, since we can choose the reasonable distribution of its materials according to our different needs, choosing the most suitable magnet wire type can greatly improve its service life and efficiency.

    The appearance of Copper Clad Aluminum Wire is the same as the other copper wires on the outside because it is actually aluminum and coated with a thin layer of copper. You need to look at it head-on to see the aluminum in the middle. Compared with wires made entirely of aluminum, CCA has better electrical conductivity. Copper coating helps, but it's still not as good as pure copper wire. It is also stronger than pure aluminum wire, but weaker than pure copper wire.