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  • The central point of the theory of politics is the issue of power. Political power is the core of policy and a method of the implementation of policy objectives. All power comes from political power. A ruler needs to choose the strategy in order to obtain desirable objectives. Many politicians state that leaders must develop strategies that are aimed at glory and honor. However, it is difficult to say that such strategy is ideal. In fact, the leader should serve their followers, not forgetting to meet the wishes of voters and their interests.

    The present contradictory views on the value of ethics and politics have their prehistory. In the European mind, two fundamental concepts authored by Aristotle and the outstanding Italian philosopher Machiavelli have long been opposed to each other. Talking about Nicollo Machiavelli, he made a significant contribution to the development of political thought, and western political science considers him a pioneer in the science of politics. However, the majority cannot agree with the philosopher’s words, The end justifies the means. The leader should provide political strategy that can protect citizens in all spheres of life and give them confidence in power but not fear that their interests can be sacrificed for the interest of politics. According to Novianta Hutagalung and Zamsu Bahar Arifin, when power is accumulated without concern other than self or group interests, then power really tends to corrupt.

    Machiavelli stated that it is more favorable to the emperor when people are afraid of him than when they love him. The ruler should not acquire power by the grace of fate, but by personal valor. The power can be acquired even while using atrocities. According to Nicollo Machiavelli, private citizens who become rulers only through favor or luck achieve that rank with little trouble, but experience great difficulty in retaining it. The political leader is the man who is capable of leading the political system of the society and people due to personal qualities. Despite Machiavellis statements, it is difficult to provide policy when people do not trust the government.

    Political power should be based on democracy. Democracy stands for the rule of law, mutual consultation in matters of governance and the safeguarding of human rights brought about through quality leadership. One of the main goals of democracy is limiting the arbitrariness and abuse of power. In such a way, it helps to prevent despotism. According to Eric Thomas Weber, democratic political leaders have a duty as they are committed to democratic values to uphold the majority’s wishes and to protect the rights of political minorities.

    The leader has to create a reputation of a great man with a considerable intellect by his actions. The ruler should provide ample opportunity for people to live according to their own laws, which gives citizens moral responsibility for their policy decisions. Such political strategy is capable of providing political equality. It is common knowledge that democratic countries are wealthier and have higher levels of human development. Apparently, people judge from the ruler's mind by their advisers. Peter W. Jones states that good leaders are made, not born. Every ruler should continually study and work in order to improve their leadership skills.

    It is a foregone conclusion that people act differently trying to achieve wealth and fame. Some act with caution and force, others with the onslaught and art. It is indisputable that every political leader has to strive for prosperity, greatness, glory, and wealth. However, everyone should remember that their strategy should be aimed at people's interests and welfare.

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