How do Plastic Faucets Come Out?


    1, the principle of water pressure switch:

    After the water is boiled after the water enters the film cavity from the right, the film is lifted up, and the circular spacer together with the film moves upwards, so as to lift the upper movable contact and move upwards, and the upper fixed contact When closed, the circuit forms a loop and begins to heat. After the water is turned off, the water pressure in the film cavity disappears, the film, the circular spacer, and the moving contact fall back, the fixed and moving contacts are disconnected, the circuit is disconnected, and the heating is stopped.

    2. Principle of water flow switch (Hall element type):

    After the water is passed, the force generated by the flow of water is converted into the impulse force on the water flow terminal (magnet), the terminal is punched up, and the magnet in it will act on the Hall element on the side of the pipeline when it reaches a certain position, so that the When it is turned on, the single-chip microcomputer instructs the thyristor to turn on, and the circuit generates a loop and starts to heat. After the water is turned off, the terminal falls back under the action of gravity, the Hall element is turned off, the instruction circuit of the single-chip microcomputer is disconnected, and the heating is stopped. When bubbles enter the waterway, due to the instability of the gas in the water, the force on the terminal is also unstable, the terminal moves up and down in it, the effect of the magnet on the Hall element changes frequently, and the microcontroller outputs irregular pulses. , so as to protect the heating element from burning out.

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