Why do most customers choose green solder mask for PCB circuit

  • In fact, enthusiasts who have been learning circuits may have such questions. That is why most of the circuit board solder mask inks we use are green? Actually, pcb assembly china circuit board solder mask inks are not necessarily green. It depends on what solder mask color the designer wants to make it into, then what color it is.

    PCB circuit board
    In general, most customers choose green solder mask ink, because green is less irritating to the eyes, and the production and maintenance personnel will not be prone to eye fatigue when staring at the surface of the PCB board for a long time. Green solder mask ink is the most commonly used. Other commonly used colors include yellow, black, red, white, purple, yellow, matt black, etc. There are solder mask manufacturers specializing in the production of various colors. Prepare it according to the comparison, package it, and sell it to the PCB board manufacturer. When the customer wants solder mask ink of any color, they will inform the PCB circuit board manufacturer, and they will select the solder mask ink for production according to the customer's requirements.
    There is another reason, because the commonly used color is green, and green looks more beautiful, so the factory spares the most green paint, so the cost of oil is relatively low. And because when repairing the prototype pcb manufacturing circuit board, different wiring is easier to distinguish the difference from white, while black and white are relatively difficult to see.