Bungalows & Villas in Lonavala

  • Privacy If you are looking for some well-deserved privacy where you can go on with your life and daily activities without disturbance or interference from anyone, then taking a bungalow on rent in Lonavala is a great choice. You can lounge in the spacious balcony, take walks with your loved one in the garden, and work from wherever you want with no disturbance at the Weekend Homes. Serenity and Peace The mountains are always eerily calm. They bring a profound sense of serenity and peace with them, and with a Lonavala bungalow on rent, you can bask in this feeling of peace and calm for as long as you want. Away from the noise and rush Sick of the traffic sounds? Of rushing everywhere with a strict schedule? Leave the city pressures behind and adapt to a lazy but productive time in Lonavala. At Weekend Homes, a premier bungalow property in Lonavala, all you will hear is the sound of the wind howling and birds chirping. Live life King Size Forget cramped spaces and embrace spaces that allow you to live life king size. With luxurious Lonavala bungalows on rent, such as Weekend Homes, you can do all you want with no restriction on space. http://weekendhome.in/