Runescape cannot avoid this fate

  • Bring this back to Varce. Are you sure he is dead? Yes, his platebody is here! You're good to go The next stop is Earth Ruins. Use your sword in Earth Ruins OSRS Accounts. Facing my Blasts of Fear Earth Gladiator's blasts will cause Earth Gladiator to shake. Kill him, get his bones, and then click to remove his platelegs.

    This is to be handed back to Varce for him to finish the Gladiator Task. Are you certain that he's gone? Yes, and here are the plateslegs. Varce Have all of them been destroyed? No, unfortunately. I have the key that was lost. I was among the first Gladiators and was granted the key as part of an agreement between Gladia and me. Here, take it.

    Use the Key along with your sword. I want you to kill my strongest warrior. The Pyre Gladiator. Take a trip to the ruin of the fire close to my friend Ivan. This sword can be used to finish him off. Visit Fire Ruins near Duel Arena. Mortal is my enemy! Do your worst!

    Fire Gladiator will turn blue for Mage and red for Melee. You can kill him fast, but it is almost impossible to kill him. Gladiator's Key will be taken away by him. Varce will drop Gladiator's Key. Is he gone? I killed him. Your race of Gladiators is now free. We are very grateful. This is my request in the name of the Gladiators. You are a Gladiator. I would like to know if you are a Gladiator Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold. Yes. This is fantastic! The ship is also here I'm sure! These are the benefits you could get!