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  • It is reasonable to suppose that a pf2p can earn a 99 at an even slower rate than a membership since all the varibles are identical RS3 Accounts. It would be unfair to think that all abilities are equal. An example of a member who trains range could achieve an 89 percent faster since there are more possibilities for leveling up quickly. But, when he is training for mining, he will have a smaller advantage over a pf2p who is at more advanced levels. This is because he would have competed against other players for ore rocks until rune.

    My opinion is that it's all about how one perceives the value of a skilled performance. This is a similar issue to whether people who achieve gold medals at the ParaOlympics should be respected more than those who win gold medals at the Olympics, as those who competed in the ParaOlympics required physical limitations to earn the medal. To diminish the significance of the individual who won a gold medal would not be fair, because he was also faced with the task of overcoming other physically fit competitors to earn that medal.

    I'd like to hear what other opinions on this issue, as I've noticed that pf2p's who get the skillcape are treated as gods ("OMG You've Got A Skillcape) while members who get the same skillcape are rewarded with a pat on the head ("Oh you've got a skillcape, how cute. How do you feel about the next one?

    I'm a Summoning tank in desperate need of charms. They are difficult to acquire on my own and I don't have any friends who would be willing to share theirs. So I offer to pay (per Charm). It would be wonderful to see it happen within the Chaos Tunnels. They have many monsters and are multicombat. I'm on my way to getting an Magic Skillcape (untrimmed), and I'd like to know a suggestion for an outfit. It'd be best if the outfit were under 2M, but you can suggest anything and it will be added to my list of things to save for buy osrs infernal cape. There's no jacket however if you think it's appropriate to wear with your outfit, list it. Thanks, guys.