Heptafluoropropane Hfc-227Ea Market Demand

  • Recently, the raw material trichloroethylene has risen violently. The price of R134a has been boosted by this and continued to rise, while R22 has remained stable and wait-and-see the market. Entering September, R134 rose by 1.11% in the first week, and then continued to rise, with a total increase of 3.32% in the first half of the month, and the center of gravity shifted upward. Due to the rapid rise of R22 in the early stage, the lack of follow-up demand and the upward resistance of R22, the market remained stable after the callback. The other Heptafluoropropane HFC-227EA models are still the following players, and the market is not optimistic. At present, the demand side continues to be weak, the air-conditioning market demand is not as expected, orders are scarce, the export market has not improved significantly, the auto market industry is still weak, there is no positive stimulus on the demand side, the pressure on enterprise shipments is increasing, the industry's mentality is slightly pessimistic, and the market as a whole is coming Look at the continued weakness.

    R134a, the raw material trichloroethylene has risen sharply recently, bringing vitality to the sluggish market. The market for refrigerant R134a is rising, and it is actively adjusted to rise more than 3% in half a month. However, the demand side support is insufficient, the demand from downstream car manufacturers is small, and the export is not good. The ability to receive the sudden rise of R134a is insufficient, and the company's shipments are average. At the same time, the on-site supply is abundant, and there are plans for new production capacity to enter the market. The contradiction of oversupply may deepen. Some companies have cost upside down. The market outlook is still not optimistic. According to price monitoring, as of September 15th, the market price of refrigerant R134a by mainstream manufacturers was about 15000-16000 yuan/ton, and the market transaction price was about 14500-15000 yuan/ton, and the transaction center shifted upward.

    R22, the price of refrigerant R22 has stabilized recently. The prices of raw materials, fluorite, hydrofluoric acid, and chloroform have all declined to varying degrees, and the cost support has weakened. Demand-side air conditioners and after-sales markets have performed poorly. Generally, March-June is the peak season for air-conditioning production, and 4-7 is the peak season for the maintenance market. The current peak seasons have passed, and the demand has dropped sharply. At the same time, due to the impact of new energy efficiency, the demand side has worsened the situation. The market transaction atmosphere is weak, and the pressure on manufacturers' shipments has increased. In September and a half, the total fell by more than 6%. As of September 15th, the price of refrigerant R22 in mainstream manufacturers in the market was 14,000-16,500 yuan/ton, and the market transaction price was about 13,500-14500 yuan/ton, and the price declined steadily.

    Upstream fluorite and domestic fluorite market prices fluctuated. Recently, some manufacturers reported that the delivery situation is not good, downstream demand has not improved, and the price of fluorite has not changed much. Domestic fluorite manufacturers are operating steadily, the mines and flotation devices on the site are operating normally, the goods are not being shipped in the fluorite yard, and the market price of fluorite is falling slightly. As of the 15th, the mainstream of domestic fluorite negotiation is 2550-2900 yuan/ton

    Hydrofluoric acid, on September 15th, the mainstream price of domestic anhydrous hydrofluoric acid manufacturers was 7,700-8300 yuan/ton, the ex-factory price of on-site merchants dropped slightly, the operating rate of domestic hydrofluoric acid manufacturers was average, and the on-site supply of goods was normal. Affected by the decline in the price of fluorite, but the downstream R410A Air Conditioning Refrigerant industry demand is not good, the on-site procurement is mainly on-demand, and it is expected that the on-site price will fall in the later period.