Reasons Why Extinguishing Agent Lhf-1230 Is Not Easy To Use

  • Slow cooling of car air conditioners? Don’t rush to change to Fluorinated Solvent, there may be these reasons

      Summer is about to come. Air conditioning and refrigeration are a good function of life extension, but some cars will have slow cooling. At this time, the car owner will think that the car is short of freon, and then go to the repair shop to ask the master to add freon. In fact, this is not the case. First, the refrigerant used in the car is not Freon. This material has too much impact on the environment and has been eliminated. Second, there are many reasons why the air conditioner does not cool, not necessarily lack of refrigerant. Today I Let me tell you about it.


      Reasons for slow cooling

      Lack of refrigerant is one of the reasons for slow cooling, but it cannot be summarized. Any leak in the air conditioning system will cause the refrigerant to leak, and the damage of some parts will also cause the air conditioner to fail to cool, such as the compressor does not work, the belt Slippage, damage to the clutch coil, damage to the compressor flow valve, excessive compressor wear, damage to related control circuits, and even damage to the air duct and cable can cause the air conditioner to be uncooled, and there is no air-conditioning at the air outlet.


      How to judge whether the air conditioner is normal

      Judging whether the air conditioner is normal is actually very simple, only a thermometer is needed. We start the car, turn on the air conditioner, adjust the temperature to the lowest, and turn on the internal cycle. The engine speed is maintained at 2000 rpm. After running for a few minutes, use a thermometer to test the temperature of the air outlet. If the temperature is 4-10 degrees, then congratulations, you Your car is normal.


      In addition, check whether the evaporator is dripping, and use a pressure gauge to test the pressure to determine whether the air conditioner is normal. The ambient temperature is about 30°C, the engine speed is 2000 rpm, the air conditioner temperature is adjusted to the minimum, and the air volume is adjusted to the maximum. High pressure between 1.421-1.47MPa is normal.


      In fact, we don't need to consider replacing EXTINGUISHING AGENT LHF-1230. If the cooling is slow, just go to the repair factory for overhaul. In most cases, slow cooling is caused by vehicle strains and accidents. Repair shops can completely solve these problems, so there is no need to worry.