Extinguishing Agent Lhf-1230 Features

  • What are the particularities and functions of electronic fluorinated liquids?

    Fluorochemical products are special chemicals. Compared with the production of other bulk chemicals, their production procedures are unique, that is, the scale of a single set is not very large, the equipment cost is large, the production cycle is long, and the technical route is Many, safety and environmental protection requirements in the production process are strict, so even if fluorine-containing products are high value-added products, such as fluorine rubber, the price is often seen at more than 15 times the price of ordinary rubber, but the requirements for companies that need to enter the industry are relatively high.Fluorinated Solvent.


    We all know that the electronic equipment room is a particularly demanding place. The most difficult thing to do in the electronic equipment room is cleaning and heat dissipation. We cannot use water for physical heat dissipation, so we need to use some special materials to deal with many of the computer rooms. The heat, which uses what we call fluorinated liquid.

    Electronic fluorinated liquid is a perfluorinated component electronic fluorinated liquid. Electronic fluorinated liquid is a colorless, transparent, low-viscosity, non-flammable, volatile, and highly safe liquid. It has good chemical inertness and will not cause any corrosion when it comes in contact with electronic components; good volatility, after use No residue does not need to be cleaned. It has excellent thermal and chemical stability, and has moderate solubility. Fluorinated liquid is a substance with no color, no smell, insulation, and has super stable properties. It has no harm to electronic product parts and is safe and reliable. EXTINGUISHING AGENT LHF-1230 is mostly used in top computer rooms.