Introduction To The Advantages Of Difluoromethane r-32

  • Whether the goal is to meet or exceed sustainable development goals, or to improve cost efficiency, Fluorinated Solvent is also an excellent choice for companies that want to implement solvent recovery and recycling programs. This is because they are very stable and can be used again and again without losing their effectiveness. In addition, their stability eliminates the need for stabilizer additives or acid acceptance testing-this is another way they can save companies time and money.

    Another advantage brought by the stability of these industrial solvents is their wide compatibility with a variety of materials. Fluorinated solvents can be used safely on most plastics, elastomers, metals, and substrates. Their cleaning effect is very efficient, they evaporate quickly and leave little residue.

    The following is a summary of some of the advantages of using Difluoromethane R-32:
    Zero ozone depletion potential
    Low global warming potential
    Fast evaporating
    High solvency
    Low surface tension
    Low boiling point
    Minimal residue
    Stable (no need for stabilizer additives)
    DOT non-hazardous transportation
    SNAP approved (degreased and aerosol)
    No Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP)
    Highly compatible with multiple materials
    No need to modify or replace equipment
    Steam degreasing
    Precision cleaning applications, including cold wipes, sprays, and refrigerant flushing
    Defluxing of electronic parts and circuits
    Carrier fluid for silicone and other lubricants
    Water replacement fluid