Use Of Difluoromethane r-32

  • Difluoromethane R-32, also known as (nano coating, TP cover nano coating, AF liquid, anti-fingerprint oil) model ACL200C-1 is widely used in the metal frame coating of high-quality digital products such as mobile phones, cameras, DV cameras, etc. , Ceramic products are anti-fouling and non-slip, as well as stainless steel surface and anti-fingerprint anti-fouling. Excellent abrasion resistance and scratch resistance; good adhesion, thin film formation, high transparency, high mirror finish, plump luster, comfortable hand feel, good anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effect, good anti-fingerprint and anti-fouling effect, not easy to adhere to fingerprints It is easy to clean and take care of, durable and non-staining, greatly improving the product grade; anti-rust, anti-skid, and water and oil penetration resistance.

        There will be a lot of fingerprint stains on the watch protective film, which is not easy to wipe clean, and will further increase the sliding resistance. Similarly, there is no anti-fingerprint oil on the phone screen glass.
        After glass coating, Fluorinated Solvent will remain on the screen surface after high temperature curing. In addition to anti-fouling, AF coating also has the characteristics of abrasion resistance and high light transmittance. If the concentration of AF coating is slightly higher, there will be no problems within 1-2 years after vacuum evaporation. What is the anti-fingerprint oil in daily use? Directly speaking, the functions of anti-fingerprint oil such as hydrophobicity, oil drainage, and anti-fouling are not intuitive enough.