Main Ingredients Of Fluorinated solvent

  • The main component of Fluorinated Solvent is sulfuryl fluoride, toxicity: moderately toxic, chemical formula SO2F2, gas fumigation to kill insects, it must be tightly closed to play a good fumigation effect. General dosage: 35g/m³ at 25°C, sealed for 24-72h. Fumigation is not the same as the dosage and time. If the amount of smoked rodents can be appropriately reduced, the confinement time can be appropriately shortened.
    Sulfuryl fluoride fumigation has a wide range of uses, involving fumigation of large ships, living areas and operating rooms. The cargo includes cargo, container cargo and warehouse cargo. Civil engineering includes ancient buildings, residences, dams, etc., and articles include wood, cultural and historical archives, etc. Specimen tube, as well as grain, cotton, and oil as seeds and forest tree seeds. Among the above items, the control objects include cockroaches and other sanitary pests, termites, grain storage pests, wood dry-boring pests, rodents, and slugs.

    There are many important things in the storage and transportation of medicines. The storage and transportation should be protected from rain and sun, and handled with care to prevent rolling. Strictly prevent the steam from being inhaled through the mouth and nose. Store in a cool, naturally ventilated, dry drug store or safe place. Sulfuryl fluoride is toxic to humans and animals, so you must wear suitable gas masks and filter poisons during operation. It is best to use polyethylene pipes to breathe from a place with fresh air or a compressed air tank or oxygen cylinder. Keep away from residential areas, away from children, and wash hands after use. After the fumigation is sealed, the doors and windows must be opened for sufficient ventilation before entering.

    During the  Hexafluoropropylene trimer LHF-3000 fumigation process, if the following conditions are possible and poisoning, dizziness, nausea, etc. are found, you should leave the fumigation place immediately and breathe fresh air. If breathing stops, you should immediately perform artificial respiration and seek medical treatment. The use of thiopental sodium or phenobarbital sodium has a good therapeutic effect on poisoning, and can control the onset and treatment of convulsions, followed by chloral hydrate.