Where Extinguishing agent lhf-1230 Is Used

  •    sulfuryl fluoride fumigant is a uniquely formulated new foam fire extinguishing agent with unparalleled fire-fighting adaptability. It improves water permeability and reduces the surface tension of water, allowing water to penetrate deep into general combustible substances. Instead of being flowed away on the surface of the substance. Therefore, Class A foam fire extinguishing agent can effectively extinguish fires in deep parts of combustible materials, can quickly extinguish fires and save water for fire fighting, and can also exert the heat absorption effect of water in the fire field to prevent re-ignition.

       The foaming component of Class A foam fire extinguishing agent can increase the viscosity of water and adhere to the surface of combustibles for a long time to form a protective layer against radiant heat to prevent fire.


       Improve the water permeability and increase the stability of the foam premix.

       Application scope:

       The foam liquid is suitable for Class A fire extinguishing places, such as: buildings, textiles, bushes and grasslands, landfills, tires, barns, paper, vehicles, subways, tunnels and other areas.

      EXTINGUISHING AGENT LHF-1230 is an ultra-concentrated liquid, which can be mixed with clean water, saline water or seawater at a low concentration, so the foam liquid is convenient and economical. The foam solution diluted by one part of foam liquid and four parts of water can be used as AFFF after mixing it with water at a ratio of 3% or 6%. Type A foam liquid mixed with water at a concentration of 0.3% can extinguish and emulsify the flowing floods of hydrocarbon compounds.