Manufacturing Of Bulk Fluorinated Solvent Products

  • R22 refrigerant

    R22 is a colorless, almost odorless gas at room temperature, non-flammable, non-explosive, non-corrosive, slightly more toxic than R12, but still a safe Bulk Fluorinated Solvent, safety classification A1; pressurized can be liquefied into colorless and transparent Liquid.

    R22 has high chemical and thermal stability, especially in the absence of water, it does not react with general metals below 200°C. In the presence of water, it only works slowly with alkali. However, cracking occurs at high temperatures.

    R134a refrigerant

    R-134a is currently internationally recognized as the best environmentally friendly alternative to CFC-12. HFC-134a does not contain chlorine atoms, does not damage the ozone layer, and has good safety performance (non-flammable, non-explosive, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-corrosive); its cooling capacity and efficiency are very close to CFC-12 , So regarded as an excellent long-term alternative refrigerant.

    R134a is an environmentally friendly refrigerant recognized and recommended by most countries in the world. It is also the current mainstream environmentally friendly refrigerant. It is widely used in the initial installation and maintenance of new refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.

    R404A refrigerant

    R404a is a mixed refrigerant that does not damage the ozone layer. It is a long-term alternative to R-502 and R-22 used in commercial refrigeration systems. R-404a is widely used in supermarket freezers, cold storage, display cabinets, transportation freezers, ice machines and other fields.

    R410A refrigerant

    R410A is a new type of environmentally friendly refrigerant that does not destroy the ozone layer. Its working pressure is about 1.6 times that of ordinary R22 air conditioners. It has high cooling (heating) efficiency and improves air conditioning performance without destroying the ozone layer.

    R410A new refrigerant is composed of two quasi-azeotropic mixtures, mainly composed of hydrogen, fluorine and carbon elements (expressed as hfc), and has the characteristics of stability, non-toxicity, and superior performance. At the same time, because it does not contain chlorine, it will not react with ozone, that is, it will not destroy the ozone layer. In addition, the performance of air conditioners using new refrigerants will also be improved to a certain extent.

    R410A is the most suitable refrigerant to replace R22, which is recognized internationally so far, and has been popularized in Europe, America, Japan and other countries.

    R407C refrigerant

    R407C refrigerant is a mixture of R32 refrigerant and R125 refrigerant plus R134a refrigerant in a certain proportion. It is an environmentally friendly refrigerant that does not destroy the ozone layer. R407C has very similar characteristics and performance to R22, so it has become a long-term alternative to R22 and is used in various air conditioning systems and non-centrifugal refrigeration systems.

    R507 refrigerant

    As solvent chemicals wholesale's R507 belongs to the HFC type azeotropic refrigerant (completely does not contain ozone-depleting CFC, HCFC), it is recognized and recommended by most countries in the world as the mainstream low-temperature environmentally friendly refrigerant, and is widely used in new refrigeration equipment The initial installation and re-adding during the repair process. It meets the standards of the US environmental protection organization EPA, SNAP and UL, and meets the A1 safety level category of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) (this is the highest level and is harmless to humans).