Know More About Indian Textile Industry - Facts, Figures and Go

  • The Indian textile companies are one of the oldest industries of India. The Indian textile industry employs a high number of skilled and unskilled labors and is only second in terms of generating employment after agriculture. It offers employment to more than 45 million people in the country.

    The textile industry is quite varied, with the traditional hand spun-hand woven textile industry at one end and the machine dependent textile mills at the other. The former is more labour intensive while the latter is more capital intensive. The textile industry is closely linked to the agriculture sector. Cotton production alone provide livelihood to 5.8 million farmers in India. India is the second largest producer of cotton, largest producer of jute, second largest manufacturer of pure silk fabric.

    Current Indian Textile market size:

    The Indian textile Industry is currently valued at 150 billion dollars and is expected to reach 250 billion dollars by end of 2023. In the year 2017-18, the textile industry contributed 7 percent of the industry output of India. It also contributed two percent of the overall GDP of India. The textile industry contributed 15 percent of the overall export earnings of India. India’s textile export stood at 39.2 billion dollars for the year 2017-2018.


    During the last five years, the textile industry has witnessed heavy investments. With the ‘Make in India’ initiative of the government taking shape, the industry has attracted investments from varied sources. Between June, 2017 and May, 2018 the industry had witnessed investments of nearly 4.19 billion dollars.

    The government aims to create one crore jobs and attract investments worth 11.93 billion dollars by the end of 2020. For this purpose the government of India has issued a special package to boost exports.


    • Amended technology upgradation funds scheme
    • Skill development scheme for the textiles and apparel sector including jute and handicrafts.
    • Scheme for Capacity Building in Textiles companies
    • Integrated Wool Development Programme.
    • PowerTex India - Comprehensive Scheme for Power loom Sector.
    • Comprehensive Power loom Cluster Development Scheme.
    • Integrated Scheme for Power loom Sector Development.
    • Export Promotion Schemes
    • Scheme for Production and Employment Linked Support for Garmenting Units.

    With strong consistent domestic demand and demand for textile exports, the future of textile industry looks very promising. The retail sector is experiencing a rapid growth with technology and e- commerce playing a big role. This will ensure that the demand for textile is going to increase further contributing to the overall growth of the textile industry. Buy Textile Directory of India from us we provide latest updated textile industry database of All India. This directory contains sarees, textile mills, spinning mills, processing house, Fabric manufacturers, Weavers and textile Job work in India. You can buy this directory in best rate of Rs1500. Directory include company name, phone mobile numbers, Full address and email ids databse of All india Textile business. Get more details with this Indian textile industry- facts, figures and government schemes.